I will use my years of experience as a travel consultant to research itineraries that not only meet your requirements, but exceed your expectations. If you have airline miles or hotel points that you would like to use, no problem. I will help you maximize your points and miles.



Once you've determined the itinerary that works best for you, I will handle the often frustrating and time-consuming process of making all necessary bookings and reservations.



From the point of initial contact, through booking, and throughout your trip, you will have direct access to me by phone or email to ask questions, request destination suggestions, or make changes to your itinerary.


If you are satisfied with my pricing, please submit a booking request. The more details you provide, the faster I will be able to get a quote back to you. I strongly encourage you to list your award balances for all award programs as I can assist you in consolidating your airline miles or hotel points.


Upon receipt of your booking request I will undertake a preliminary search to determine if your trip is possible given your provided budget, award program balances, as well as general seat or room availability. I will then send you an email response acknowledging receipt of your request, the results of my preliminary search, as well as any questions that I need answered in order for me to fulfill your request.


I will use my expertise to find and email you several potential itineraries that satisfy your travel requirements. An itemized price quote will accompany each potential itinerary.


You pick the itineraries you want and I will make all necessary bookings and reservations.


Having booked your trip, I will provide you with your trip details as well as a final, itemized invoice.


I will be available to you up to and through your trip to answer any of your questions or make changes to your travel plans. You will be responsible for any airline or other third party fees associated with the change.


Planning and booking a trip is complicated. My fees are not.


Revenue* - $ 50 for the first two (2) travelers, $ 25 for each additional traveler on the same itinerary.

Award - $ 100 for the first traveler, $ 50 for each additional traveler on the same itinerary.


$ 25 per reservation.


No fee when booked in conjunction with air travel. Otherwise, $25 per reservation.

My fee is payable only after I find and book your chosen itinerary. You are responsible for any taxes and fees charged by the airline, hotel, rental car agency, or other third party. I accept payment through paypal, amazon payments, personal check or money order, or google wallet. Once your trip is booked I will not be able to cancel the itinerary or refund your service fee. Please note, if your requested itinerary includes revenue flights, I will require that you provide payment for those flights before I purchase the tickets.

* Discounts are available for domestic travel (Continental USA and Canada).


I am a lawyer by trade, but a travel-junkie at heart. Over the past many years I've redeemed millions of award miles and have had the pleasure of helping others travel to magnificent places all over the world, without breaking the bank. I greatly enjoy sharing my knowledge and helping others travel the world with ease.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

No More Bad Trips